Kelli Stearns

Meet Kelli Stearns, the logistical and administrative powerhouse at PPSG’s West office in Valley City, North Dakota. Kelli embarked on her journey with the Powers Pedersen Sales Group in January of 2018, bringing a wealth of experience from her previous role in marketing at a university, combined with over five years of successful retail management. She wears many hats at the PPSG team, from handling logistics, to showing lines at trade shows, and servicing accounts on the western side of the territory. Her passion for customer service, willingness to help in any situation, and strong work ethic made her a natural fit for Team PPSG.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Kelli is a dedicated wife and mother to four energetic boys, and most recently, an adorable little girl. Her life outside of work is a tapestry of family adventures, with a strong emphasis on outdoor activities. The Stearns family shares a profound love for the great outdoors, and Kelli eagerly anticipates a lifetime of adventures alongside her loved ones.