Becky Roethlisberger

Meet Becky Roethlisberger, the logistical and administrative powerhouse at PPSG’s East office in Harbor Springs, Michigan. Becky’s tenure at PPSG dates back to March 2011, making her an integral part of our agency’s foundation. With over two decades of prior experience in managing and buying at outdoor specialty retail, coupled with hands-on involvement in camps and guiding biking and backpacking trips, Becky brings a wealth of industry knowledge and a strong background to our team.

Becky’s unwavering dedication to our team, customers, and partner brands is truly exceptional. She’s renowned for consistently going above and beyond, ensuring that every aspect of our operations runs smoothly. Beyond her role at PPSG, Becky is a proud dog mom to Dobi and Rancho. In her free time, she’s an intrepid adventurer, exploring epic destinations worldwide and embracing the great outdoors. She also has a passion for hunting with her canine companions. Becky Roethlisberger is an indispensable part of the PPSG family, and her boundless enthusiasm for her work shines through in everything she undertakes.