Sam Kaczmarek

Meet Sam Kaczmarek, business analyst at PPSG, who joined our team in 2024 and operates from Michigan. With over six years of experience in the outdoor industry, Sam brings a wealth of diverse expertise to our team. His journey began over a decade ago, managing a major retail outlet, and has since encompassed roles in logistics and, most recently, a key account buying position. Sam is dedicated to providing the team and customers with invaluable reports, tools, and communication necessary to manage orders, uncover opportunities, and optimize their business.

Beyond his professional commitments, Sam finds joy in the great outdoors. Hiking, camping, and fishing are among his favorite pastimes, reflecting a genuine passion for nature. Additionally, he is an unwavering Detroit sports fan, showcasing his dedication beyond the work realm. Sam’s multifaceted experience and commitment to our team make him an integral part of Powers Pedersen Sales Group.