Jen Pedersen

Jen Pedersen is one of the principal sales representatives at PPSG, overseeing the western part of the territory. Jen embarked on her career in the outdoor industry in the Rocky Mountains in the mid-90s before returning to her Midwest roots in 2008. Throughout her journey, her unwavering passion has been her work: the art of relationship-building with both brands and retailers and always seeking innovative solutions for mutual success. When challenges arise, Jen thrives in finding the path forward, a testament to her knowledge, resilience, and infectious personality. She always thrives in her environment, and her affirmative energy not only enriches her professional environment but also uplifts those fortunate enough to be in her orbit.

Outside of her work, Jen’s zest for life takes many forms. Whether it’s practicing yoga, hitting the golf course, sharing laughter through her love for jokes, exploring the world with her husband, or indulging in her daily chocolate fix before noon, Jen fully embraces each moment. Her career goal extends beyond personal success, as she aspires to mentor and guide those around her, actively building a bridge for the next generation of industry leaders.