prana man woman biking

PPSG represents PrAna on the western side of the territory.

We inspire you to chase adventure, stay active in your own unique way, and always look good doing it. We strive to responsibly outfit those journeys with respect for the planet and its people. We commit to education and exploration in the name of progress, so we can all create positive change. Whether you’re commuting to work or wandering the globe, rest assured we’ve been there, and have used these moments to design our products with sustainability and style.

In 1992, Beaver and Pam set out on a journey to make sustainable and stylish fashion for those who live active lifestyles. And from those days of assembling each piece by hand in their garage, using fruit crates to transport products, and cutting hang tags from repurposed paper, we’ve come a long way. But throughout it all, our vision, values, and culture have held strong—still rooted back to that small garage in Carlsbad, California, following our mission to make clothing with a higher purpose.